About Kat

I began my journey of reading in 1993, but my journey into spirituality and the mysteries of the Universe began long before that. I realized early in my life that I saw things, visions I guess you’d call them, but I never truly understood them. As a teen I just always put it off as parts of dreams or day-dreams. And yet, if I look back, even in my junior high and high school days I always seemed to be the one that my friends would consult about their problems. I never claimed to be anyone special – just someone who listened and tried to help with relationship issues and more. To be honest, I had never even heard of Tarot back then.

I met my first reader and intuitive at the Renaissance Faire in Northern California when I was only 22. (a long time ago) and I was fascinated by her. She was truly gifted and in fact was able to name a few names of the people as she interpreted my cards. It was the way she kept looking at me, however, that had me a bit uneasy.

Halfway through the reading she asked if I had ever picked up a deck before. I told her no. This is where it began to get strange – she asked if I had “seen” anything lately, with regards to a friend of mine. I told her I had a dream about her but thought nothing of it. She asked if I was asleep or awake and I had to admit this seemed like a silly question. “Of course I was awake when I remembered it, but asleep when I dreamt it,” I replied. She asked very matter of factly – “are you sure?”

To be honest, I had to stop and think. “Did I dream about her and then realize later, or was I seeing something I could not explain?” I knew I was confused. She told me that I needed to read a few books and gave me some titles. I left her, exhausted and curious and the very next day I headed for the book store.

For the next several years I continued to study off and on and receive more readings. Perhaps one of the most memorable was from a psychic artist. She combined her talents and as you sat focusing on your question, eyes closed and centering on various healing crystals, she drew you and the images surrounding you. After she finished, she would present you with the drawing and review each and every image she had drawn. One of the images she had drawn was a pair of hands holding a deck of cards. She looked at me and said, “Study. You need to study and learn. You need to focus and grow and learn Tarot.”

My life’s journey brought me to Chicago in 2005, and I continue to study, focus and learn even more about the Tarot each and every day. I currently use three different Tarot decks, each of which called to me in their own ways. My primary deck is that of the Goddess Tarot inspired and designed by Kris Waldherr. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful decks I have ever come across. I also have recently found the Animals Divine Tarot by Lisa Hunt. A beautiful deck connecting the spirit of the animals with the spirit of humans. And my most recent addition is the Lover’s Path Tarot, also by Kris Waldherr.

I give honest and clear tarot readings. I don’t play guesswork or fluff the readings with woo-woo, uberspiritual-sounding words. I connect with your energies, lay the cards, tap into my intuition and read. If you want an honest, direct, and intuitive reading, that’s what I do and do well.