What is Tarot?


The origins of the Tarot remain shrouded in mystery. Similarly it is not known for sure exactly how the Tarot works. In some way, it provides a mirror image of the current situation and of our inner being. As with many ancient mysteries, historians, writers and practicing intuitives have invented various historical roots colored by their own personalities. I prefer to simply believe the reason we don’t know is that is the way the mystery is supposed to be.

Tarot by kat

What is known is that decks of mystical numbered cards existed in India and the Far East in ancient times and were probably brought to Europe by the Knights Templar. There have been other suggestions that traveling gypsies from the East brought the Tarot to Europe in the Middle Ages.

Many sources suggest the first Tarot appeared in Europe in the early 14th century. These first decks seem to have come from a combination of early Italian four-suited playing cards and the set of the 22 Major Arcana who true origin is still shrouded in myth and mystery.

Tarot by kat


The 78 cards of the Tarot deck are made up of Major and Minor Arcana (big and little secrets). Arcana is from the Latin word “arcanum” meaning “mystery” or “secret”.Tarot is a book of knowledge and wisdom portrayed in pictures and symbols. It is the story of a journey through life that we all face. The different Tarot decks are symbols of these cards as seen by artists and intuitives throughout the world.

Major & Minor

The 22 Major Arcana represent profound archetypal qualities that permeate humanity, collectively and on an individual level. The Major Arcana is a reflection of who we are and symbolizes the many challenges that every being must encounter on the road to self-growth and self-awareness. Life is full of pain, sadness, joy and all levels of emotional qualities, and the Major Arcana helps to provide clarity through out this journey.

The 56 Minor Arcana represent events, people, behavior, ideas and activities that go on in our lives – or a way to “fill in the details” of the Major Arcana.

Why use Tarot?

Tarot not only brings fresh insight into making choices and allows you to develop trust in yourself, it also opens up new horizons and unseen paths in relationships, career issues and personal fulfillment. Tarot inspires, creates pathways, gives guidance and makes a huge difference to the way you view your life and deal with the daily challenges.