The Reading

In a relaxed setting, I sit with a querrent and ask them to focus on the question at hand. The more specific the question, the more specific the reading can be.

The tarot is a symbolic language that draws on two symbolic sources: numbers and images.

I am a spiritual intuitive and a reader in Chicago – an interpreter of the Tarot and what they are bringing to the surface from your inner reflection. In addition, I may have brief visions that I will explain to you during the reading. In some cases, the images mean nothing to me, but will be very specific to you. Tarot by kat

Tarot by kat

As the reading progresses, we will focus on more details and questions as you require.

During most readings, I really try not to set a time limit. I don’t charge by the reading or by the hour or half hour as many readers do. My prices are based on the value of the reading and what you feel you can pay. (Also called a ‘love offering’)

If you are interested in a reading – contact me.

Readings are held in my home or I will come to you and sometimes outside in a quiet coffee shop or cafe.