Tarot Party

Host a Tarot Party

“Tarot is a tool enriched with spiritual traditions and mythology that offers guidance and clarity to our lives. Tarot reveals our options, solutions and shines light on all aspects of our lives bringing clarity to any situation.”

“Tarot helps us to break free from the restraints of our minds when we are feeling lost or unclear about our future and guides us into releasing obstacles freeing us to move forward and create the future we want. “

Can you think of a better idea than to 
invite all your friends over to enjoy a night of Tarot?

Would you like a unique and creative way to entertain your guests?   A Tarot Party is a chance for your friends to get introduced to the tarot in a fun and entertaining way.

As the hostess, you would invite 5 to 20 friends and I would give a little overview of Tarot, do some hands-on work with Tarot and then, depending on what you and your guests want, do several “mini” readings. Remember, a detailed reading can be as long as 2 hours for one person – which is why these 15-20 minute readings at a Tarot Party are called “mini” readings.

Every living being has an energy pattern, that is comprised of the soul, body and mind. Tarot works by synchronizing with this energy and thereby connecting directly with our past, present and future.