What are people saying?

“I’ve had other tarot readings before, but it always seemed like the readers were simply trying to impress me with their “hidden knowledge.” But Kat tells it like it is… She has helped me leave the poisonous relationships in my life so I could pursue meaningful, positive ones. Readings with Kat are like late-night advice from a best friend — a best friend who is capable of seeing what lies behind life’s many doors. Oh, and she’s a bad-ass photographer, too ; )”
HS, Chicago

“Kat has a special and true gift. I’ve had a lot of readings but Kat’s really intuitive as well as a great interpreter of the cards. I highly recommend a visit to her before any major decisions, or if you just want simple guidance.”
CN, Chicago

“During my first reading with Kat, I was skeptical. But she told me things that I don’t really talk about to anyone and gave me insight into aspects of my life and health that have helped tremendously. I highly recommend her!”
AW, Lincoln Park

“You are so spot on it is spooky!!! The reading was fantastic, and you have a true talent”.
Ms N, Streeterville

“The reading I had from Kat, was insightful, intelligent and accurate. It helped me make important life changing decisions. I would strongly recommend Kat to anyone who needs a little push to realize their dreams and fulfill their destiny. This could be the most important investment you spend this year”
Ms M, Chicago

“Kat has done numerous readings for me and I have enjoyed and benefited from everyone of them. Her divine insight, loving expression, and compassionate nature truly touch my soul. In the past, I was always a little fearful when receiving Tarot readings due to the common stigmas attached. However, Kat’s “heavenly” perspective and expert interpretation have really helped me to love myself more, easily embrace my unique talents and take the next step on my spiritual path.
Mr KS, Chicago